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Work in Norwich

WiN every day.

Work in Norwich is a new brand-led campaign to promote the city of Norwich as a brilliant place to live and, more specifically, work. The organisation’s job is to (1) entice businesses to relocate to Norwich, (2) attract and retain talent and (3) showcase Norwich as an attractive and successful destination for business.

The inspiration

Being able to travel from your city-centre desk to Norfolk’s amazing coastline in just 30 minutes is unique. So too is the fact that Norwich is the only English city inside a National Park – the Norfolk Broads meanders through – connecting the city with the surrounding countryside. Norwich is compact, liveable and green – a ‘15-minute city’ – well equipped with electric cycles and scooters. The list goes on.

The idea

We developed a name (Work in Norwich) which was intentionally chosen to function as both a brand name and a clear campaign call-to-action. Secondly, we drew inspiration from all that Norwich has to offer – we refer to these themes as the ‘every day wins’. Work in Norwich… WiN every day.

In addition to creating a name, brand and campaign identity, we developed a series of short films which feature real people sharing their ‘every day WiNs’.

Charlotte moved from London to work in Norwich and now enjoys an invigorating wild swim before work. Alex moved from Liverpool to work in Norwich and loves the fact he can easily commute from the school-run to the office and from work to meet friends in less than 15 minutes.

Margie moved from Portugal to work in Norwich’s internationally recognised Research Park. Jahanghir chooses to work in Norwich for its buzzing network of businesses and community spirit.

For us, it was integral to the success of the campaign for these stories to be authentic and for the people featured to be themselves.

Sally moved from Northern Ireland via London to set up her business in Norwich. Liam, who moved from Sheffield to work in Norwich, loves to spend time at the beach after leaving his city centre desk for the day.

We drew inspiration from all that Norwich has to offer – we refer to these themes as the ‘every day wins’.

To support the Work in Norwich marketing team at events and conferences, we armed them with a suite of printed collateral and a modular exhibition system.

The Click executed our (complex!) brief with effortless simplicity. Grounded in solid research and reasoning, WiN delivers a truly bold and simple message. It’s clever too.

Isabel Johnson, Head of Marketing, Norwich BID

Credits and thanks

Eye Film (film production), Fiona Burrage (campaign photography) and Trendy Grandad (event photography).