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Value added. Value shared.

Unite is a pioneering B2B platform bringing buyers and sellers together for mutual benefit. Its innovative solutions help facilitate e-commerce and e-procurement partnerships, supporting businesses to build more resilient and sustainable supply chains. With headquarters in Germany, Unite has a 600-strong team based around the world.

Previously known as Mercateo, in 2021, the company was ready for a new chapter centred around the Unite Network – the part of the business that fosters connections. And it wanted to mark this significant transition with a compelling new identity.

The inspiration

Unite’s bold ambition to connect a broad network of suppliers with customers – a company centred on adding value and promoting mutual benefit – inspired our thinking. The principle of reciprocity and connection coupled with the idea of ‘adding’ something extra informed everything we created for Unite.

The idea

The U from Unite is used to create a unique ‘plus’ symbol. This form also portrays the seamless relationship which Unite facilitates between suppliers and buyers – placing them at the heart of every interaction.

The Unite word mark and symbol can be integrated within campaign headlines – providing the start of a statement (above). Additionally, the brand symbol can sit at the heart of a sentence – acting as the ‘and’ (below).

The Unite brand symbol is used in a number of ways throughout the wider identity. Its inner footprint is reproduced and repeated to become the Plus Pixel System. The pluses act as pixels to create imagery, graphics and icons.

Illustration plays an important role in the Unite brand. To accompany the geometric and modular Plus Pixel System graphics, we commissioned a range of playful illustrations to visually communicate a diverse range of sometimes complex products, services and information. The prominent inclusion of people intentionally humanises the technology.

We developed a bespoke grid to create a suite of icons unique to Unite. Each icon incorporates the two core brand colours – coral and purple – being ‘added’ together to echo the brand concept.

The Click deliver brilliant ideas – bringing them to life with clarity and craft. A rebrand of this magnitude relied upon careful consideration, deep thought and genuine collaboration – fostering internal buy-in and inspiring the entire Unite community. The Click delivered this, and more.

Erika Mizun-Moller, VP of Global Marketing and Brand, Unite

Credits and thanks

Erika Mizun-Moller (brand strategy), Sarah Herman (copywriting), Connor Perry (illustration), Simon Brooke (brand film animation), Candour (website) and the Unite Design Team for their support and collaboration.