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St Albans Cathedral

An iconic brand with open arms.

St Albans Cathedral is the oldest Christian site in Britain and the burial site of Alban, the first-recorded British Christian martyr. Alban was an ordinary man who performed an extraordinary act of kindness and faith in the early third century.

The inspiration

While we wanted to celebrate this important historical icon, the brand identity needed to also reflect the Cathedral as a contemporary place of worship and belonging. We spoke to more than forty members of the Cathedral’s community – from the Dean to the caretaker – to find out what makes St Albans special. It quickly became clear that it meant many things to many people, and was so much more than a beautiful building.

The idea

The St Albans cross formed the heart of the Cathedral’s new identity, appearing as an ancient symbol for modern times. The universal human figure can also be found contained within the identity: a living figure representing the many and diverse voices of the Christian community – with open arms that welcome everyone into the Cathedral.

It is a warm, embracing symbol. People come here with their griefs and joys because they feel a warm and loving presence, even if they can’t explain why.

The Very Reverend Dr Jeffrey John, Dean, St Albans Cathedral