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Sop ~ Scents of place

A love for our landscape and language.

Sop ~ Scents of place is a vegan, cruelty-free and Norfolk-made bodycare and fragrance brand.

Sop is founded by entrepreneur, Fiona Burrage, creative director of lifestyle brand Nor–Folk, photographer and co-director of The Click. 

With Sop being another self-initiated venture, our role was both the creative team and the client – led by Fiona to realise her vision for the brand. The project includes naming, visual identity, packaging design and writing.

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The inspiration

The idea to create the brand in the first instance was conceived by Fiona’s desire to offer bespoke bodycare products to her guests at the Water Cabin – a place to stay in the heart of the Broads National Park.

Sop’s brand identity is inspired by the Norfolk landscape and language – both visually and verbally. The brand name, the product names and respective descriptions along with the wider visual identity have all been influenced by Norfolk as a place.

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The idea

The name came first – a playful twist on the popular saying ‘a sense of place’. By changing this to ‘Scents of place’ we encapsulated the product range (all of which comprise beautifully crafted scents) and capture the original inspiration (the wonderful place of Norfolk).

Sop ~ Scents of place tells its story through the products it creates and the way they are intrinsically tied back to the landscape and language that inspires them.

Nothing revives the past so completely as a smell that was once associated with it.

Vladimir Naboko