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Uzer-focused training you can take anywhere.

Reuzer is a game-changing dynamic digital training creator, serving the safety-critical sector. With the core of their clients operating in offshore, renewables, construction and infrastructure, safety of people is a priority. 

Reuzer create a diverse range of e-learning content which is hosted on their own end-to-end competency management platform which is used remotely by tens of thousands of users across the globe.

The inspiration

Remote: Reuzer’s digital-first approach coupled with the fact you can use its technology to learn whenever and wherever you choose means Reuzer truly offers ‘training you can take anywhere’.

User: Everything Reuzer does is focused on the user journey, the user experience and the ultimate safety and wellbeing of the end-user.

The idea

The name is a response to the concept of a ‘remote user’ – shortened to ‘Reuzer’. The use of a ‘z’ makes the brand name more ownable, coupled with the creation and belonging of the ‘uzer’.

In addition to the name itself, the core brand logo directly acknowledges the importance of the ‘uzer’. The R for Reuzer becomes the uzer itself.

Bespoke iconography and infographics are all inspired by the core visual identity.

The flexibility of the brand identity is key – from small scale application on the digital platform to large impactful physical touchpoints such as signage and advertising. 

The Click has helped us achieve a high level of brand recognition, ensure we standout from the crowd and enabled us to disrupt a historically traditional industry.

Ian Smith, Founding Director, Reuzer