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Adding character to the brand name.

R.Bainbridge delivers high-end dine-at-home kits and produces artisanal provisions to enjoy any time. It’s the brainchild of celebrated chef Richard Bainbridge, owner of three AA Rosette-awarded restaurant Benedicts.

The inspiration

We were interested in and inspired by Victorian shopping streets, lined with places where proprietors’ names were displayed proudly and prominently. Bold sign writing, characterful lettering and distinctive typographic arrangements became the foundation for this new brand.

And with Richard – his talent and reputation – at the heart of the business, it was only fitting that his name would become the focal point.

The idea

Our first recommendation was to shorten Richard Bainbridge to R.Bainbridge – in keeping with many of the signs we were inspired by – setting the name in all caps and adding the full stop between the R and B.

While paying homage to this rich heritage, we set about creating an identity system fit for today’s digital age – especially as the brand’s ‘shopfront’ is a website and social channels. We introduced a landscape banner, a stackable arrangement, a roundel and an R.B monogram, forming an infinitely flexible brand identifier – capable of adapting seamlessly to any application.

R.Bainbridge needed a way to identify products and ingredients with small quantities, seasonal items, and a variety of packaging to consider. We therefore embraced the humble sticker, which provides ultimate ease of use and a low-cost solution to branding cartons, tubs, pots and bags; identifying starters, mains, desserts and sides; as well as other important serving information.

We built upon the core typographic theme by establishing a highly adaptive system which introduces a different typeface for each respective product. The R.Bainbridge brand banner remains a constant at the top of each label, followed by the product name set in a distinctive typeface unique to that specific provision.

The curation of characterful typefaces used across the range adds depth and, when coupled with a restrained colour palette, results in a highly recognisable and coherent visual language for the wider brand. This helps connect R.Bainbridge’s dine-at-home kits with its store-cupboard provisions.

Due to the flexibility, functionality and responsive nature of the R.Bainbridge brand identity, it is seamlessly applied to dine-at-home kits, a wide range of physical packaging, an e-commerce shop, social media and a variety of merchandising and gifts.