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Particle Works

Unlock the true power of particles.

Particle Works design and build game-changing particle engineering platforms, so scientists can formulate faster, be ready for their next breakthrough, and scale up discoveries.

Their technology has been used in space, at the bottom of the deepest ocean and at the poles of the Earth, in a vast range of applications including chemical reactions, biological isolation & analysis, petrochemical processing, and drug delivery & release.

The inspiration

We worked closely with the Particle Works’ team from all over the globe and immersed ourselves in their world. We took inspiration from the fact their physical work is at nanoscopic scale yet the impact of their science is very much bigger picture, effecting humanity on a global scale.

The idea

Shape the big picture, one particle at a time. With that thought, we set about creating a flexible identity system with particles – from a bespoke typeface to custom grid structure to easy-to-create illustration formats. And, with that, the identity reflects the true power of particles.

The bespoke typeface (PW Display) locks to the isometric grid – echoing how particles are arranged.

The isometric grid system lends itself to custom illustrations and iconography.

The Click expertly enabled us to step back from a hugely complex subject matter and come back to it with a fresh, dynamic and beautifully crafted way of sharing our technology, products and vision.

Alison Dowsett, Marketing Executive, Particle Works