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Head East

All signs point East.

Head East is a new flagship brand, promoting the East of England. To coincide with its launch, this inaugural campaign celebrates arts, culture and heritage. It’s based around a series of specific cultural initiatives, showcasing some of the region’s most impressive and exciting attractions.

Tourism alone is worth £10bn per year to the East of England and this brand-led campaign specifically aims to promote and build a national profile of the East as a ‘must see’ UK cultural destination.

The inspiration

With Norfolk and Suffolk set out on a geographical limb, we took inspiration from the purposeful journey visitors to the region must make. Almost everyone who wants to explore the East of England (particularly from the rest of the UK) will head in the same direction. All signs point East…

The idea

Firstly, we created a name. Short, memorable and assertive – ‘Head East’ is designed to be more than just a brand name – it becomes a compelling call to action.

Providing a bold, iconic and functional design system, this brand incorporates traditional wayfinding symbolism, directing people eastwards to discover everything the East of England has to offer – the amazing arts, timeless heritage, and cultural wonders.

The brand marque comes to life in application, offering modularity and flexibility – accommodating dynamic imagery, attention-grabbing copy and key calls to action.

Along with a comprehensive brand guidelines document, we’ve armed the Head East marketing team with easy-to-use and practical design assets – empowering them to be creative within the framework of the wider brand communications.

From online ads to social media assets – the Head East design system offers infinite opportunity to deliver specific messages, tailored promotions and, above all else, the ability to have fun and be creative with the brand voice.