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Do Bio

Science democratised. Discoveries realised.

Do Bio is a global bio-tech company that facilitates the analysis of single cell research. They employ the principle of microfluidic flow technology focussing to rapidly encapsulate single cells in millions of aqueous droplets in oil. The droplets are identically sized which provides greater efficiency and robustness of data.

The inspiration

We were inspired by Do Bio’s ethos of flexibility and accessibility – their willingness and drive to challenge rigidity, empower creativity, and enable boundless curiosity for their community of scientists.

The idea

The visual identity directly references cluster graphs which are used to analyse the cell data and information. These graphs are commonly visualised using brightly coloured circles which overlap and form clusters.

The Do Bio ‘cluster graphics’ constantly interact with the core brand logo – which is derived from the structure of a cell.

The typographic arrangement of ‘Do Bio’ within the outer circle mirrors the contents of a cell – membrane-bound organelles – or ‘little organs’, with the circle representing the cell itself.

Feature words can be emphasised and given life by scattering the letters playfully. This free-form typographic treatment is derived from floating cells and echoes our brand story – providing visual cues of experimentation and scientific freedom.

White space plays an integral role in the wider brand aesthetic – providing a scientific-edge and the cleanliness expected of a laboratory environment. The white also provides a great canvas for the vibrant colour palette to pop.

Image containers are rotated to further resemble free-floating data.

We’re Do Bio. We help discovery happen. So you can do you, do more, do now.