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Make your mark.

Norwich boasts an extraordinarily rich heritage of brands and continued innovation – from historic and established companies such as Aviva, Barclays, Colman’s, Lotus and Start-Rite to the raft of exciting young start-up brands emerging from the city. Brandland bridges the gap between large and small, education and industry, clients and agencies. And so much more. Norwich is Brandland. Brandland is Norwich.

Founded by brand consultant and strategist, Robert Jones (ex Wolff Olins and Professor of Brand Leadership at UEA), Brandland offers a major annual conference, monthly events with guest speakers, networking opportunities and industry insight – utilising Norwich’s maverick and do-different spirit to lead the world towards better branding.

The inspiration

One thing most brands have in common is they have a logo, a badge, a symbol or a mark of some kind. And, typically, these designs are trademarked with a ™, registered with an ® or are subject to copyright ©.

We were interested in the notion of creating Brandland’s very own ‘label’ – something that can be embraced in a variety of formats with hardly any rules!

The idea

We created a simple B (for Brandland) in a circle – intended as an alternative take on the language of registered and copyright symbols.

The Brandland mark isn’t used like a conventional logo – instead it offers itself to being at the heart of messages, imagery, motion graphics, films and more. Executed in a hand drawn manner it retains a feeling of informality and disruption whilst avoiding being corporate and polished.

To make the most of the Norwich brand phenomenon, we’ve created Brandland – a movement for doing better branding.

Robert Jones, Founder, Brandland

Credits and thanks

Eye Film (film production), Beth Moseley and Rose Kemmy (event photography).