The University of East Anglia have launched their new advertising campaign, highlighting what university life is all about.

June 29th, 2010

Our research concluded that a degree isn’t the only reason students go to university. It’s where they learn to live life. They want the best of both worlds and you can’t get much better than The University of East Anglia, one of the world’s leading campus universities.

We were awarded the project after a three-way creative pitch whereby we presented our concept of showcasing both aspects of university life – the ‘learning’ and the ‘living’. We did this by casting real UEA students and styling them in juxtaposed costume to reflect the course they were studying as well as an interest or club they participate in.

We used the line ‘Live Learn’ and developed an identity for the whole campaign, which used a variety of media to direct prospective students to a specially designed microsite where they were able to register for Open Days.

UEA’s Open Day registrations increased by 40% in twelve months, which allowed them to host an additional (third) Open Day in 2010.

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