Success for Sonkai Bespoke Jewellery.

August 19th, 2011

Several years ago, we created a brand identity for Sonkai, a fledgling bespoke jewellers. Four years on, Sonkai are a local success story and have moved from their first site, affectionately known as ‘the cupboard under the stairs’, into brand new premises on Dove Street, Norwich.

We asked co-owner Sara Sweet how the brand identity has helped Sonkai grow into the profitable business it is today. “It has given us a more professional, polished look and feel [and has] helped us to stay focussed on our image and identity, ethics, etcetera”, Sara writes. “Interestingly, many customers ask if we are a chain and do we have branches in (for example) London! One day!”

You can check out the Sonkai website here, read their blog, and follow them on Twitter for updates.

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