Read all about it! Volume 1 of ‘We -’ is out now.

November 9th, 2010

‘We’ is a word we say a lot here at The Click. We think this… We did that… We believe… and so on. The old cliché ‘There’s no I in team’ has never been so true.

When deciding upon a name for our most recent piece of self-promotion – a small newspaper, we quickly opted for ‘We’. Each volume of ‘We’ will showcase four selected projects from our portfolio, sandwiching half a dozen or so light-hearted tweets from our team.

Volume 1 has an educational theme, featuring projects for The University of East Anglia, The English-Speaking Union, Writers’ Centre Norwich and Lowestoft College.

To request a (free) copy, email Fiona who will pop a copy in the post for you.

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