Helping an AI start-up spread its wings.


Rainbird is a technology and software company that utilises artificial intelligence (AI). They have developed an award-winning cognitive reasoning platform which enables businesses to rapidly automate decision-making tasks and build tools that augment human workers in more complex operations. Unlike other AI technologies, Rainbird can provide a rationale for every judgement it makes.

The idea

The brand identity features a simplified graphic of a bird, referred to as ‘the wings’ which in turn is strategically positioned to highlight ‘AI’ within the company name.

We developed a series of visual wordplays based on the core brand identity. Each one expresses a strength of Rainbird’s service or a different perspective on AI.

The wings icon is utilised throughout the brand identity, within campaign headlines, imagery, infographics and online.

‘The Click apply deep thought to their projects which results in compelling brands.’

James Duez, Co-founder and Chairman of Rainbird Technologies