A simple typographic 'twist' – pulled out of the hat.


“I need a logo for my new coffee shop – it’s going to be called Rabbit.” said our client.

The idea, of course, was in the name – we just had to find it. The typographic ‘twist’ and general execution is intentionally restrained and minimal in aesthetic. We selected a typeface with the right proportions and rotated the ‘R’ to form the logo. Rabbit was born. A paired back monochrome palette allows the logo to stand out in a busy and vibrant part of the city. The black and white colour scheme is also a subtle nod to how one might prefer their coffee. Black or white?

Rabbit Coffee brand logo on a coffee cup
Rabbit Coffee branded shop front by The Click
Rabbit Coffee brand logo on an A board sign
Rabbit Coffee branded tote bag
Rabbit Coffee brand signage for the entrance of the shop
Rabbit Coffee brand logo by The Click