A place where minds can meet.

National Centre for Writing

The National Centre for Writing launched in summer 2018, following a £2m extension and restoration of historic Dragon Hall. The new centre, backed by patrons including Margaret Atwood, JM Coetzee, Sarah Perry, Elif Shafak and Ali Smith, is a physical and digital space to explore the artistic and social power of creative writing, and support the creation and enjoyment of world literature.

NCW logo

The idea

We created a brand identity that responded to one of the centre’s key objectives – establishing a place where minds can meet. The brand icon is constructed from an ‘N’ letterform, referencing the ‘National’ aspect of the name, as well as its location in Norwich, Norfolk. Emerging from the surrounding negative space, two pencils come together, celebrating the collaborative nature of the organisation and challenging the assumption that writing is a solitary activity.

NCW literature

A flexible identity was essential in order to adapt to the requirements of different applications and diverse supporting content.

NCW logomark

The pencil icon can be used as a spotlight for written content. It also appears as a bold emblem on the cover of seasonal print communications.

NCW booklets
NCW booklet
NCW bookmark

The pencil icon provides further function as a directional pointer on wayfinding signs, amongst other literary themed signage structures.

NCW wayfinding signage
NCW bookmark signage

‘The Click listen, they’re creative, they understand branding as a discipline connected to but distinct from design, they’re smart and fast, they’re a pleasure to work with and they are really good.’

Chris Gribble, Chief Executive, National Centre for Writing

NCW entrance signage