Our Type of Food is full of character.


Jarrold is the largest independent department store in Norfolk, with its flagship based in Norwich. The Jarrold family business was started in 1770 by John Jarrold and is one of the largest and longest standing privately owned businesses in the city. From its roots as a grocer, draper and, most recently, a retailer, for many years its core businesses were printing and publishing.

Our brief was to create a visual identity and packaging for Jarrold’s very first own-brand range of food and drink. The products span a selection of artisan-made items including chocolates, shortbread, mustard, jam, honey, chutney, olive oil, balsamic vinegar, coffee, tea, apple juice, real ale, wines and gin.

Jarrold - Our Type of Food brand identity

The inspiration

As we began investigating the rich history of the Jarrold family business, we quickly recognised the opportunity to leverage their printing and publishing heritage.

We visited Jarrold’s very own print museum in Norwich (the only working print museum in the UK) and were inspired to make use of their huge collection of wood block, letterpress type and classic printing presses.

Jarrold Print Museum

The idea

We worked closely with volunteers at the John Jarrold Print Museum and set about sourcing the perfect typefaces to suit our range of packs – considering scale and proportion as well as selecting a range of styles and weights to fit each product.

Jarrold Print Museum
Jarrold Print Museum
Jarrold Print Museum
John Jarrold Print Museum

We then used the old printing presses in the museum to make prints of each letterform, retaining their physical imperfections and quirks.

John Jarrold Print Museum
John Jarrold Print Museum

A unique opportunity to leverage Jarrold’s rich printing and publishing heritage to create a truly characterful identity.

Jarrold Print Museum
Jarrold - Our Type of Gin
Jarrold - Our Type of Food
Jarrold - Our Type of Food
Jarrold Gin

Once the final suite of letterforms were selected, we applied them, in all their raw beauty, to the final packaging range.

Jarrold - Our Type of Food - Coffee
Jarrold - Our Type of Food - Shortbread
Jarrold - Our Type of Food - Jam Marmalade Honey
Jarrold - Our Type of Food
Jarrold - Our Type of Food - Teas
Jarrold - Our Type of Drink
Jarrold - Our Type of Food - Wines

The back of packs accommodate the product stories – introducing the provenance of the produce. The drop cap detail and typographic layout is intended to echo that of the printed page. Even the ornamental dividers were sourced from the print museum and were picked out in foil.

Jarrold Amber Ale label

The individual packs can be arranged to spell out words – transforming the products in to ready-made advertising, point of sale and social content.

Jarrold – Our Type of Food and Drink
Jarrold - Our Type of Food brochure

‘The Click is the whole deal. Super smart. Curious. Considered. With creative ideas that are fresh and surprising yet anchored in brand truth. We love what they have created for us and most importantly so do our customers.’

Minnie Moll, Chief Executive Officer, Jarrold Retail

Jarrold - Our Type of Food - point of sale