Brewing a brand story, brick-by-brick.

Humpty Dumpty Brewery

Located in Reedham – a small village in the heart of the Norfolk Broads – Humpty Dumpty Brewery is a microbrewery, delivering award-winning cask and bottled real ales to pubs and retail outlets across East Anglia.

We were appointed to rebrand the brewery and design new packaging and pump clips. The client wanted to shed their local, traditional and quaint ‘home made’ identity which incorporated a range of paintings and illustrations, as well as a mix of typefaces. The new design is bold, iconic and confident – providing a solid foundation to continue building upon their growing reputation. It features a spectrum of colours, one for each beer, coupled with a base colour of matt black.

The new design scheme is entirely influenced by the brewery’s name – from top to bottom. The bottle cap references a wall, detailing the joining of bricks, whilst the negative space between the blocks create an ‘H’ for Humpty Dumpty. The brand logo is reversed out of a graphic brick wall at the base of the bottle. And, sitting on top of that, the Humpty Dumpty egg-shaped lozenge accommodates the name of the respective beer – set in a bold condensed display typeface. The back of pack also utilises the modular brick graphics – even down to the positioning of the barcode.