From 'open wide' to happy smile.


Led by Dr Dejan Dragisic, D–Clinic specialises in oral surgery and oral medicine – a place where bespoke care, excellence and patient well-being co-exist in harmony and balance.

We created an identity which pairs their clinic’s name with their company ethos – ensuring their patients leave with a smile. Additional brand graphics were created to communicate D–Clinic’s approach, ethos and design-led patient environment.

D–Clinic logo
D–Clinic interior reception
D-stands for balance at D–Clinic
D–Clinic interior waiting area
D-stands for innovation at D–Clinic
D-stands for comfort at D–Clinic
D-stands for collaboration at D–Clinic
D–Clinic oral surgery
D-stands for wellbeing at D–Clinic
D–Clinic oral surgery chair
D–Clinic brand icon