Transparent branding for an award-winning bakery.

Bread Source

Bread Source is an independent, artisan bakery based in Norfolk. They specialise in simple, honest produce made using traditional techniques and high-quality ingredients. From sourcing the grain, to working with farmers, milling the flour and the numerous processes involved in developing the perfect dough – each of the steps taken forms part of the end product.

BS pastries
BS shop front

The inspiration

For their inaugural branch opening on Upper St Giles Street, we created a new identity that would clearly differentiate Bread Source from the competition and in turn educate customers on the provenance, knowledge, craft and superior quality of their products.

BS words
BS baker

The idea

The brand identity responds directly to the name – taking the customer on an informative journey from a loaf of bread, all the way back to its source. The brand logo features 24 words – each one chronologically telling an important part of the Bread Source brand story. There’s a lot of love that goes into each loaf.

BS wall graphics
BS stamp
BS coffee cups

The brand identity takes the customer on an informative journey from a loaf of bread, all the way back to its source.

BS bread
BS interior sign
BS sign detail

This narrative approach to brand identity has been applied to each location in the form of graphics that deconstruct the process and share the story.

BS tshirt
BS voucher
BS window vinyl
BS window detail

‘The Click created us a dynamic brand but, more significantly, they helped us tell our story.’

Isabel Brentnall, Managing Director, Bread Source

BS brochure cover
BS brochure detail
BS brochure

Bread Source recently opened its fifth site in Norfolk – including three shops, a market stall and a restaurant – and founder Steven Winter was named Baker of the Year.


BS a true loaf story

Credits and thanks: Photography by Fiona Burrage and Rosie Annabelle Mills-Smith.