Our founder –

Bobby Burrage is an experienced graphic designer specialising in the field of brand and visual identity.

Bobby, who founded The Click in 2005, is our creative director. He leads our team and is responsible for The Click’s creative output.

creative director at The Click

Bobby was educated at Norwich School of Art and Design (now NUA), graduating with honours from their prestigious Graphic Design course. From there, he joined London-based branding and design agency, Brandhouse, where he learned his trade by working on national and international design projects.

Bobby founded The Click, a brand-led design studio, with the core ethos of ideas-based thinking. This ideas-led approach, substance before style, is rigorously applied to every project he works on.

In addition to the creation of brand identities, Bobby has wide-ranging expertise encompassing the design of printed communications, advertising campaigns and digital applications.

Bobby, with his team, work with a diverse range of clients – including tech firms, educational institutions, consumer products, charities, creative businesses, environmental organisations, tourism companies and many more besides.

“For us, the creation of a brand identity is all about finding what makes you unique and expressing it in the simplest, most direct and memorable way.”

Bobby Burrage, creative director, The Click

Creative director at The Click, Bobby Burrage

To get in touch with Bobby and discuss your brand –

Email   |   call +44 (0)1603 626249

You can also connect with Bobby on LinkedIn and Instagram.

We are the Nor–Folk.

In 2015, Bobby, with his wife, Fiona, co-founded Nor–Folk, a design-led lifestyle brand encompassing a journal, online shop and creative studio. Fiona manages the Nor–Folk brand alongside her photography business.

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Brand design for Nor–Folk by The Click