Our pitch to the city of Norwich.

October 30th, 2017

Book concept for An to Z of Norwich.

We’ve recently been working on a concept for a new book, titled An A to Z of Norwich. The idea is simple and will follow a straightforward structure – divided in to 26 sections, one for each letter of the alphabet. Within each section (i.e. H), there will be multiple subjects, places, people, historical events, cultures and other interesting themes – all related to the respective letter and, of course, our home city of Norwich.

Renaissance books from Norwich Library.

We are in the process of sourcing interesting and beautiful letterforms from the collection of incredible Renaissance books in the Norfolk and Norwich Millennium Library. We aim to curate a carefully considered balance of lettering styles, aesthetics, and executions throughout the book.

An editorial spread from the An A to Z of Norwich book.

Each letterform will be reproduced in black and white to achieve a consistent feel. The respective letterforms will be presented in isolation, probably full page (as a chapter header), leading you in to the section. The idea is to treat each letterform as a piece of art in itself – like it has been created and crafted especially for the page it occupies.

To accompany the book, we plan to create posters, prints and other related merchandise. And in turn, an exhibition to officially launch the publication and to tell the full story of how and why it was made.

A framed print from the An A to Z of Norwich project.

This book is intended to be a beautiful ‘coffee table’ style publication – something to treasure and keep for years. Something to gift. An A to Z of Norwich will be a collaborative and educational initiative that is also commercially viable. It has the potential to become a brand in itself. A book, website, associated merchandise, series of events, exhibition and something the city of Norwich is truly proud of.

This project will require funding to commission the coordination, research, writing, photography, design, printing, publishing and promotion. All interested parties are encouraged to make contact with us – including partner organisations, corporate sponsors, historians, writers, creatives, schools, colleges and universities. And anybody else who feels they can contribute to the venture. We are aiming to form a project team and steering group as soon as possible.

A poster advertising the A to Z Norwich book.

This project is The Click’s response to a creative brief set by UEA’s Unlocking the Archive initiative, titled New Impressions. We were tasked to create a publication or poster which celebrates the Renaissance book – its achievement in bringing new knowledge to new readers in new ways. Our solution included a poster that promotes the proposed book which, at this stage, is a (visualised) concept.

The results of the New Impressions design project will be displayed at a major public event in November 2017, alongside the Renaissance books themselves, in the Norfolk and Norwich Millennium Library.

Established in 2015, Unlocking the Archive is an initiative led by academics in the School of Literature, Drama, and Creative Writing at the University of East Anglia, working in partnership with the Norfolk Heritage Centre and in collaboration with local graphic designer, Darren Leader. Their aim is to increase public awareness and appreciation of the Heritage Centre’s collection of incredible Renaissance books, and to show the different ways in which these publicly-owned books can still be living sources of inspiration and use today.


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