New identity: Executive Productivity Laboratory at Loughborough University.

October 9th, 2017

Sportswear for Executive Performance Laboratory at Loughborough University.

This brand is all about working hard.

In a ground-breaking initiative, the World’s No 1 School of Sport, Health & Exercise Sciences at Loughborough University has partnered with an executive coaching consultancy to research and redefine the frontiers of executive performance.


Executive Productivity Laboratory offers executives and their employers access to world class facilities and academic resources that underpin Olympian, Paralympian and elite sports attainment.

The brand identity we created subtly blends three core references; a graph (for scientific data), a podium (for physical performance) and a building (for centre of excellence).


This minimal visual identifier is then used across printed and digital communications to bring the brand to life and deliver key messages.


You can view the full Executive Productivity Laboratory brand case study here.

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