We’re a brand-led design studio. We create new brands and reinvent established ones.

Our approach is inquisitive, collaborative and straightforward. We strive for simplicity – a memorable idea, brought to life in a clear, considered and clever way.

Our three-step process helps take brands from ideas to identities and beyond.

1. Brand story

We engage key stakeholders in one-to-one interviews, gathering opinions and inspiration, to truly understand the foundations of your brand. Then we create a brand story – a concise and compelling statement to inform the visual work and naming, if required.

2. Brand identity

We create a core brand identity – the central idea and logo – to bring your story to life. We also select typefaces, colours and other necessary assets, as well as establishing any design rules. All this comes together in an easy-to-follow set of brand guidelines.

3. Brand implementation

Guidelines in place, we can deliver your new identity, art direction, and copy across all print, digital and environmental touchpoints, including campaigns, signage and wayfinding, and packaging.

Simplicity is not the objective – it is a by-product of an intelligent idea that is executed with confidence and clarity.

Bobby Burrage, Creative Director, The Click

Our work has been recognised by a variety of publications and awards.