Admiring our clients’ innovation and adaptability.

May 3rd, 2020

Bread Source

The recent weeks have forced many of us to reevaluate and reassess what we’re doing and how we’re doing it. Businesses have been affected in different ways – some more severely than others.

In this post, we share our admiration for how some of our clients have either reacted to the challenges they have faced or how they have responded to help others.

Bread Source branding

Bread Source –

Bread Source is an artisan bakery. They get up early, bake bread and sell it to their customers in their shops. Staring down the barrel at no revenue for the foreseeable future, they had to do something.

Our friend and client, Steven Winter, described it as the ‘situation room’ where he and his team sat down and figured out what to do. They went in to the weekend in full crisis mode and, by Monday morning, they had created an e-shop and remodelled their main bakery to facilitate customer sales.

It quickly became obvious that many members of our community would suffer hardship as a result of economic uncertainty; with this in mind Steven and the team now produce extra loaves as part of the Bread Source National Loaf Scheme in their free time, which anyone facing tough times can access free of charge. Bread Source also offers all NHS and social care staff 20% off all products. 

Rainbird branding

Rainbird –

James Duez, CEO of Rainbird, invited the world in an open letter to use Rainbird’s intelligent automation technology to support our communities at this time of international crisis.

Rainbird has partnered with the NHS, which is using their rapid deployment programme to build an online, interactive tool that provides tailored advice on appropriate self-isolation measures to NHS staff.

Rainbird and global consultancy Ernst & Young (EY), have collaborated with the Royal College of Art (RCA) to offer industry knowledge and expertise to students enrolled on the RCA Service Design Programme course. The aim of the course is for the students to develop cutting-edge AI-enabled apps that will help vulnerable banking customers better manage their finances and navigate the complex financial services industry.

Computer Service Centre branding

Computer Service Centre –

We’ve worked with Computer Service Centre for almost 15 years now and have witnessed first hand their determination to be the best at what they do (an IT and technology company). We have been by their side from when they were 5 people to now – a team of circa 80 across multiple sites.

In just 10 days, Computer Service Centre set up a dedicated work-from-home support team and in turn helped approximately 1,000 workers seamlessly move from their office to WFH remotely.

Business as usual. Well, just about.

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