Book feature: A Smile in the Mind.

February 22nd, 2016

We’re humbled to discover some of our work has been featured in the revised edition of A Smile in the Mind. It was first published by Phaidon twenty years ago and has recently been extensively revised and updated.

About fifteen years ago, our CD, Bobby, was preparing for his final degree show and planning to embark upon a career in graphic design. During Bobby’s studies at Norwich School of Art and Design (now NUA), he was introduced to a method of thinking and design which would shape his future career.

Ideas-based thinking.

His tutor, Ray Gregory, who was taught by the likes of Bob Gill and Lou Klein preached this (ideas-based) approach – design by thinking, by relevance, rather than style – to his students – many of whom were featured in the original version of A Smile in the Mind.

Bobby explains:
“This book was referred to as ‘the bible’ within our industry and the work within it was referenced and analysed by every design student worth their salt. To have some of our work included in the modern edition twenty years later would have been unthinkable to my fresh-faced, naive 21-year-old self. It’s no exaggeration that the original A Smile in the Mind has shaped my approach to design and thinking. To be included in the revised edition certainly puts a smile on my face.”

Our design studio’s name, The Click, directly references Ray Gregory’s words in the original version of A Smile in the Mind: “It works because it engages people. I’ve always thought of it as ‘the click’ – the click that happens when I get an idea, and the click people get when they see the idea and there’s a ‘yes’ and a smile.”

You can purchase a copy of A Smile in the Mind here. And you can see our work on page 90.

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